Features Overview

From the creators of the patented mobile store BizBox we are proud to announce our latest innovation. The BizBox Escape.

The world of Virtual Reality is becoming a Reality. Now with sophisticated devices from Oculus Rift and Samsung introducing to the market its headsets to attach to their Samsung phones, the Bizbox Escape is the perfect partner. 

The Escape allows the user to plug in and Escape. The Escapes can be arranged in many different configurations so users can experience the virtual world together for experiential marketing of new products.

Feature 1


Designed to enclose the user in private space. The comfortable black leather enclosed chair allows you to immerse yourself even more with the world of virtual reality. 
No need to imagine, it’s now a reality with The BizBox Escape.


The BizBox Escape as standard comes with ample ports to plug in multiple devices. So you can re-charge, work or relax. The comfortable armchair is created from Fire rated commercial grade leatherette - with easy to remove seat components for ease of replacement.

The BizBox Escape comes with ample surface area for marketing, branding and advertising and can be laid out in any configuration as shown here to create any environment and make a statement at any event.


Feature 3

BizBox also supplies and installs graphic wraps to the ‘bizbox’ with the company brand and can build out the unit to almost any requirement. This is treated like a tenant improvement (TI) much like traditional real estate.

SIZES and specifications 

  • The Escape comes in tow sizes single and loveseat
  • the escape pods can be connected so multiple pods can be arranged in many configurations


stage plus 3d.png