What truck should i use to tow the Bizbox 2.0?

our latest BizBox products are built from all aluminum which means they are lighter and easier to tow. The bizbox 2.0 weighs apprx. 7500lbs - empty. however it has a max weight capacity of 12,000lbs so we recommend a truck that will tow between 7,500-12,000lbs dependent on your final build out. 

what are the benefits of the bizbox products being constructed from aluminum?

much lighter and easier to tow. no need to paint the chassis as routine maintenance. rust free. no issues with salt on the roads corroding the chassis. aluminum is designed to last with little maintenance. 

do the bizbox products come with a warranty?

yes. our licensed manufacturer provides a 5 year limited structural warranty, 3 year limited warranty and 1 year limited electrical warranty.  

does the bizbox come with a graphic wrap or build out included in the price?

no. all bizbox products come white, ready to implement your own brand. we have a number of partners strategically located in the u.s.a that can provide you with the graphic wrap and build out TO YOUR SPECIFIC NEEDS.

what does a full graphic wrap cost for a bizbox 2.0?

for a full external graphic wrap the cost is apprx. from $10k-12K

what is the typical cost of a build out?

this can vary dramatically depending on what you want to do - we have done build outs from as little as $10,000 up to $100,000+/-

where can i see a bizbox?

We have strategically located licensed agents in the u.s.a to allow you to see one of our products. we currently have licensed agents in denver, los angeles, Michigan and texas. 

what is the normal lead time to build a bizbox?

Lead times can vary from 8-12 weeks depending on how busy we are.

do you keep inventory?

yes. we try to keep an inventory of all our products so we can respond quickly to customers needs and short timelines.

is shipping included in the price of a bizbox?

no. once we know where the unit is to be shipped to, we calculate the cost of shipping dependent on where we have one located nearest to you. we can ship anywhere in the u.s.a

do you ship internationally?

yes. we have done that - but it is up to the customer to arrange that and pay their own port of entry taxes and shipping costs etc. 

where do you manufacture the bizbox products?

all our products are manufactured in Indiana under license.

can i adjust the size of a bizbox product to suit my needs?

no. we are not a custom manufacturer. our products have been specifically designed to meet the majority of our customers needs. 

do the bizbox products come with an on-board generator for independent power?

Yes. The BizBox 2.0 (HD) and the stage plus all come with an on-board gas generator with a 22 gallon gas tank. ranging from 4000W to 7000w depending on which unit you choose.

Do they have any other power source?

Yes. All our products come with a shore power cord so they can be plugged into an on-site generator or power supply. ranging from 30amp to 50amp.

do the bizbox products come with AC?

yes. The bizbox 2.0 and 2.0HD come with a roof top AC (cooling only unit). Please note the bizbox is not designed to cool like a normal building - the ac unit helps to reduce the external temperatures inside.

do the bizbox products come with heating?

no. but this can be added as an after market build out. 

can i use the roof for extra space?

The roof on a BizBox 2.0, HD and Stage plus are designed to allow people to go on the roof to attach speakers, service the AC and add feather banners. we don't recommend using the roof for customers.

can a bizbox be connected to another bizbox?

yes. we have designed the bizbox 2.0 and HD so they can connect to make a much larger impact. contact us for more information. 

how long does it really take to set up a bizbox 2.0?

the bizbox 2.0 has been designed to be set up in under 30 minutes with one or two people.