BizBox - a design to stand the test of time

Over the past six years, BizBox has transformed the mobile experiential world by offering a patented product that is not only cost effective, fast and efficient to deploy but has all the beauty of a modern building. BizBox has been likened to a product to come out of the “Apple stable” by journalists.


  • Contemporary Fit and finish 
  • air conditioned 
  • customized to your brand  

From Trailer to Store in Just 15 minutes.


  • audio and video
  • lightweight aluminum construction
  • quick set up and take down 

powerbar joins the bizbox family with their new BizBox 2.0

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Starbucks takes to the road with their Bizbox cube

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“The BIZBOX 2.0 was so easy to set up and operate, we saved so much time, energy and money in the field. Thank you for making our experience spectacular!”
"it's simply the best mobile marketing trailer out there!"

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