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BizBox has been working exclusively with counties around the country to enable people to register to vote. Our patented product provides a unique solution to allow counties to register voters in places that would not normally be associated with registration.  

Cities and counties are already registering voters with the BizBox Mobile Voting Solution and more to come..

City and the County of Denver
Orange County California
Los Angeles County California
Bernalillo County New Mexico
Kane County Illinois


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Press Release

New mobile registration campaign meets voters where they are

Denver elections official’s innovative approach to voter outreach growing nationwide

PHOENIX, Ariz. (Sept. 17, 2018) – A new mobile marketing service is changing the way people register to vote. In an impassioned push to get out the vote for this fall’s elections, Amber McReynolds and her elections team for the city of Denver traded in the typical outreach tables and tents for an innovative approach to registration campaigns that has caught national attention — a pop-up mobile site created by BizBox. 

“My vision was to find the right mobile venue – professional, inviting, innovative, modern – to go out into the community and encourage people to register to vote,” said McReynolds, who was Denver’s Director of Elections at the time and has now taken a position as executive director of the National Vote at Home Institute and Coalition. “Everything I had seen – trailer/bus style where you had to get up into the unit – just didn't seem to meet the need.”

Led by Daniel Sotelo, the team found the solution they were looking for in BizBox, a patented “mobile building” featuring stylish glass walls, skylights, air conditioning, LED lighting and a pop-up wrap around deck. With the help of BizBox creators Charles Sidi and Rick Sikorski, the Denver team created an all-in-one voter registration and education site with “Denver Votes! Voter Service & Polling Center” emblazoned across the top. It has proved so successful that similar programs have been launched in Orange County California and soon to be Kane County Illinois.

“Amber’s vision of creating a fun, cool mobile solution to go where the crowds are and make voter registration and education easier than ever before was so clever,” says BizBox CEO Sikorski. “ Once Dan and the rest of his talented group turned this vision into a reality, they were able to reach more potential voters while making those connections both convenient and accessible to citizens across the sprawling city.”

Such creative thinking has become a hallmark of McReynolds’ drive to reach more Colorado voters. During her 13-year tenure, McReynolds and her team received numerous awards for first-in-the-nation innovations and election administration. Through those efforts, Colorado was one of the first states to implement mail-ballot voting from home.

“Let’s be honest. It is not easy to get millions of Americans registered to vote,” said Sikorski. “Many people have full intentions of getting in their cars, fighting traffic and driving down to a voter registration tent or office to become part of the democratic process, but life often gets in the way.”

Since National Voter Registration Day in 2017, the election division in Denver has been on the road, spreading the word with their newly purchased mobile unit, nicknamed Haul-N-Votes. The BizBox transforms from a trailer pulled by a pickup truck to a working showroom in less than an hour. The election group is now able to reach high schools and many more neighborhoods than they ever could have hoped. 
McReynolds says an added benefit to its convenience and flexibility is that not only does the beauty and aesthetics of  the mobile unit stand out at events and draw in curious folks by the dozen, but it also is customizable to the election division’s needs.

“We also wanted to be sure it is secure since it houses voting equipment and technology. We also use a device to connect to the city network, so that infrastructure is important to deliver this service,” she said.For Sikorski, the bottom line is that this unorthodox approach to voter outreach is bringing more citizens into the electorate.

“Our team at BizBox is thrilled that we can be a part of this major shift in engaging citizens in the political process,” he said. “I believe that in the not-too-distant future, mobile voter registration will be common in every county in America.”In fact, McReynolds envisions pop-up programs expanding beyond voter drives into other areas of government services, like motor vehicle licensing, marriage licenses, courts, business services and more.

“Instead of making citizens come to government buildings to wait in line for service, why not make service more mobile – with online services supplemented by in-person experiences with the use of a mobile unit that can be at different places – meeting people where they already may be,” she said.About BizBox


So why did you choose BizBox?

The BizBox has unique capabilities and an eye-catching design.  The build quality of the trailer was made with high quality components and building materials.  We believe this allows for a good return on investment as we plan to get many years of use out of the trailer.

We found the design of the trailer allowed us to be flexible for our many different events and needs.

Because of its mobility it has proven to be an asset to complement our election processes and enhance our visibility in the community. Working with a local vendor, we had the BizBox custom outfitted to meet our unique election needs.  We have a dedicated staff of 8 to 10 election workers that form a team to setup the BizBox, run an event and breakdown the trailer.

How are your using the BizBox?

We use the BizBox for educational purposes, as a mobile voter service and polling center, and voter registration.  We have taken it to school campuses where students participated in mock voting and gave us positive feedback. 

How has the BizBox benefited the company and its marketing objectives?

Due to the unique qualities of the BizBox and our aftermarket customization of the trailer it has great visibility and has proven to be an effective marketing tool.  When at large events it draws attention quickly and people are interested to see what it is about and how it works.

What has been the ROI for you with BizBox?

Since our BizBox, nicknamed Haul–N-Votes made its maiden voyage at National Voter Registration Day 2017 in Denver Civic Center Park word is starting to get around.  In addition to some of the events mentioned above, we plan a much more extensive, schedule-based deployment plan in 2018. Our big ROI is that the BizBox gives us another way to meet voters where they are.